Eetsalon Van Dobben

Classic Amsterdam Snackbar serving the famous Van Dobben brand of croquettes and bitterballen

Van Dobben is probably the best in terms of the traditional Dutch sandwich shop in Amsterdam.

Visiting Van Dobben Eetsalon is an experience in itself. Not only because of the traditional broodjes (buns) but also because of the tempo that the personnel is keeping when you’ve placed your order. Dressed in white doctor’s coats and armed with a pencil and a note book, the women behind the counter mean business. No time for small talk only when they think it is right. It’s that typical Amsterdam style, very straightforward and witty. Some people like it, others don’t.

I always start with a white broodje rosbief, a white bun with a Van Dobben kroket with mustard and a glass of butter milk. The kroket is a typical Dutch snack made of boullion, meat and bread crumbs. You have to try it once! While I eat my buns I watch the personnel closely and listen to their conversation.

All cold cuts are fresh and taste very delicious. The buns are served on white plates, the butter milk comes in a glass. On the side there’s pepper, salt, mustard and a bottle of Maggi. I can recommend the pea soup and Van Dobben also serves steak, fries and a salad for €8.50. Or try the sate with bread for €6. Typical Dutch and also nice on a bun are hagelslag and peanut butter. The two of them together is yummy and tastes a bit like a snickers bar.

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Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat 9
Amsterdam 1017 BH NH NL
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