Electric Ladyland

The world's first Fluorescent Museum

“The only Museum of it’s kind in the world, “Electric Ladyland – the First Museum of Fluorescent Art” houses a large room-sized Fluorescent Environment that the visitor enters, becomes a part of the piece of Art, and then experiences “Participatory Art.” “Participatory Art” is where the visitors take place in the creation of a piece of Art and are, for the duration of their visit, a part of the piece of Art. This is vastly different from most forms of conventional contemporary Art where the visitor is traditionally merely a viewer and, as such, has no part in the creative process involved in the piece of Art.

The guided tour of the museum also includes demonstrations of large collections of Fluorescent Minerals from all over the world. These very common rocks burst into dazzling colors when seen under different wavelengths of ‘light.’ This never fails to amaze visitors – common gray stones turning into brilliant multi-colored wonders of nature. Demonstrations are given on Fluorescent Mineral Artworks from the 1950’s, Fluorescent Advertisements and Artifacts back to 1932, “Common Items that are Fluorescent,” and “Fluorescence in Astronomy, Geology, and Oceanography.” “Electric Ladyland – the First Museum of Fluorescent Art” opened on April 19, 1999. It was the first Museum to open that is totally devoted to the phenomenon of Fluorescence. The Museum is downstairs from “Electric Lady” Art Gallery which opened April 19, 1987.”


€ 5.00 per person
Children under 12 free

Visits are by appointment only and include a guided tour.  Click here to reserve.

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Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5
Amsterdam 1015 TB NH NL
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Wed - Sat 2:00 - 6:00 PM (14:00 - 18:00) APT ONLY