A Dutch late-nigh snack institution

A Dutch late-nigh snack institution

All snacks are still freshly prepared every morning and are the same day in our offices. The FEBO croquet is therefore crazy !

Nowadays, consumers want to know everything about the products they buy and eat. We welcome this trend because we are proud of our products. FEBO has been using ingredients from local suppliers since the beginning; Quality is paramount, we do not make any concessions.

FEBO, founded in 1941 under the name FEBO Bakery and later renamed Maison FEBO, is the bakery company Johan Izaäk de Borst. In addition to traditional bread and other delicacies, Johan de Borst digged himself into a snack: the croquet .

The demand for his freshly made croquette was so great that he stopped the confectionery in 1960 and went on to go with a automation kasket selling croquettes and other fresh snacks.

To be proud of OUR HEROES
Daily, our croquettes and burgers are still prepared according to the authentic recipe of Opa de Borst dagvers. Continuously, we ensure that the products still have the same quality as before.

Our Grill Burger

The quality and taste of our products gives us the right to exist. We are proud of our products. The grill burger and our croquettes are for us ‘heroes’ who deserve extra attention.

Our Croquet

Every day we start early with the setting up of a craft broth of fresh vegetables. We then make a ragout with the best quality meat of 100% Dutch cattle in the neighborhood. Every day, the famous FEBO croquet is made from this ragout. Our croquettes are therefore daily and never frozen.

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