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Cruising around the city and parks on a bike is a right-of-passage to Amsterdam.

To me, this is the single thing which separates Amsterdam from all others so it really isn’t a choice IF you’re going to get a bike but rather WHERE am I going to get my wheels.

There are many choices but rentals range from 10 to 15 per day for a classic city bike. Not bad considering that’d include insurance, locks and various accessories depending on the rental shop.

We’ve researched like mad people and have come up with best 3 contenders. So, without further a do, here is THE BEST BIKE RENTAL SHOPS IN AMSTERDAM

Oh…If you’re staying at a decent hotel renting in-house is probably the best simplest most convenient option. Keeps things simple and even if it is a couple of extra euros it’s worth it. If you’re debating, take a look at your nightly room-rate. You’ll be spending most of the day with your bike and probably max 3 hr in your room

Ok, best bike rentals are…

Black Bikes

Why we like: NO BIKE SIGNAGE makes me feel more comfortable instead of stupid touristy looking bikes that never ride as well as the classic dutch style bike.

Black Bikes is the biggest bike rental shop in town. We have over 2000 bikes available in 13 different locations around the city and are the only hop on drop off bike rental company. Ride like a local on an original black Amsterdam bike.

Reasons to rent a Black-Bike:

Best bikes in town
All our rental bikes are made by hand in the Netherlands
Longest opening hours
Open on weekdays 8am ’till 8pm. Weekends 9am ’till 7pm
Hop-on / Drop off
Pick-up or leave your bike at any of our 13 locations
Rent fully insured
Full damage & theft insurance starting from only 3 euros

This is their cheapest bike and a classic cruiser

Pedal brake rental bikeGents rental bike

Pedal-brake bike Prices – 3 hours €6,00 . 24 hours € 8,50 plus 4.50 insurance TOTAL 13 EURO . 2-4th day € 6,00 . 5th day & more € 4,00

They also rent a small bike which is nice for the petit girls. Yup, it’s a little ugly but at least she’ll be able to easily touch the ground with her feet

Small bike 24 inch Prices 3 hours € 9,00 . 24 hours € 13,00 plus 4.50 insurance TOTAL 17.50 . 2-4th day € 9,50 . 5th day & more € 6,50

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