Un-missable park in the heart of Amsterdam

If you don’t visit the Vondelpark at least once during your stay, you’re a total idiot.

This is the heart of the city and for me no trip is complete until I ridden my bike around the beautiful lanes and had a coffee at Blauw Theehuis

If you plan to visit the park, and you want to be sure you do not miss anything, please note the following tips.
Our editorial staff is constantly looking for temporary details in the park that you definitely want to review. Here is a short summary.

If you walk from the Stadhouderskade entrance to the Amstelveense road, you will encounter the following:

Not directly in the news, but worth a visit:

The Pavilion, which is now a cultural center, is managed by AVRO, AT5 and the PAROOL

  • The image of Joost van den Vondel, from which the name of the park is derived. Now with blooming tulips
  • The Blue Tea House, tight 1930s architecture
  • The Music Tent
  • The Melkhuis, where you can sit in, terrace, and playground for children
  • The Picasso image
  • The Rosarium, a rose garden
  • The Vondeltuin with Thatched Cottage with thatched roof, with terrace

Especially for children:

  • New toys in the park , the slide is open
  • The castle for the young adventurers
  • new playground will definitely be a try!
  • The Melkhuis, with playground
  • Kinderkookcafé, where you can cook well for your parents
  • The children’s pool, with sandpit and play castle. You can also build cabins
  • The Klimboom, a fallen tree in which you can comfortably climb

If you want to visit the Vondelpark but do not attract your shoes, read Streetmap .

Have you found or lost something on the go, please check our lost section.

Do you need a map of the Vondelpark?

If you have more tips for a walk, you can enter it here .

There is also the possibility to visit under the guidance of an experienced guide .

On this map you will find the mentioned places. Click on the marker for the explanation. Blue markers are many visited places, green is for children, and red markers are current business.

GMap: ll = 52.358095.4.868531 & z = 15 & t = k
Center, view and zoom of the map
GMap: ll = 52.357030.4.865030 & icolor = 009
Stork nest
Every year boy
GMap: ll = 52.357695.4.863564 & icolor = 009
GMap: ll = 52.358520.4.868340 & icolor = 009
Groot Melkhuis
Horeca with playground
GMap: ll = 52.358848.4.872565 & icolor = 009
Round Blue Tea House
GMap: ll = 52.360969.4.874907 & icolor = 009
Pavilion Vondelpark
GMap: ll = 52.360054.4.874003 & icolor = 009
of Joost van den Vondel
GMap: ll = 52.357449.4.868006 & icolor = 009
Picasso image
L’oiseau découpé, not really from Picasso
GMap: ll = 52.354858.4.856697 & icolor = 009
Catering with terrace
GMap: ll = 52.354759.4.855989 & icolor = 090
GMap: ll = 52.356817.4.862368 & icolor = 090
Climbing castle
For the adventurers
GMap: ll = 52.356129.4.865726 & icolor = 090
Climb Tree
Fallen tree to climb
GMap: ll = 52,358173,4,865602 & icolor = 090
Children’s pool
In the summer for the little ones

The Vondelpark is a public urban park of 47 hectares (120 acres) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is part of the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid and situated west from the Leidseplein and the Museumplein. The park was opened in 1865 and originally named the “Nieuwe Park”, but later renamed to “Vondelpark”, after the 17th-century playwright and poet Joost van den Vondel. Yearly, the park has around 10 million visitors. In the park is an open-air theatre, a playground and several horeca facilities.

In the 1990s the number of visitors grew to approximately 10 million visitors annually. The grass is used as sports field and the paths as bike paths. This caused the city to start a new renovation that takes place from 1999 to 2010. The purpose is to intensify the monumental value of the park and furthermore to improve the park’s durability. The renovation takes more than ten years in order to decrease the hindrance for visitors and for brooding animals.[7]

Starting in September 2008, adults were planned to be legally allowed to have sex in the park,[8] as long as they “take their garbage with them afterwards and never have intercourse near the playground. The sex must be limited to the evening hours and night.”, in the words of current Amsterdam Alderman Paul Van Grieken.[9] However, Amsterdam Police announced that they would not in fact tolerate this, as the law required them to prevent it.
Open-air theatre

The open-air theatre in the Vondelpark
The Vondelpark Openluchttheater is an open-air theatre with shows from June until August. There are performances of classical music, pop music, world music, dance, musical theatre, and cabaret. The theatre receives a subsidy from the city government. And although all performances have free entrance, visitors are asked for a donation of one euro.[10]

And in the park are several horeca facilities (listed in alphabetical order):

‘t Blauwe Theehuis, a bar/restaurant
Groot Melkhuis, a bar/restaurant
Vondeling, the bar/restaurant of the open-air theatre
Vondeltuin, a bar/restaurant


The Fish (1965), a sculpture by Pablo Picasso
There are some statues in the park:

Joost van den Vondel (1867) by Louis Royer
The Fish (1965) by Pablo Picasso
Mama Baranka (1985) by Nelson Carrilho

Freemarket in the Vondelpark during Queen’s Day
File:Amsterdam 2016 Vondelpark.webm
Video of Vondelpark
Every Friday there is the Fridaynightskate that starts in front of the Filmmuseum.

Yearly events include the golf tournament Vondelpark Open and the running contest Vondelparkloop.

The King’s Day celebrations on 27 April in the Vondelpark focus specifically on children. There is a “freemarket” (Dutch: vrijmarkt) and there are games and other activities for children.

From June until August there are music and dance performances in the open-air theatre.

Since 2011 on the evening of All Soul’s Day people gather and float many small “remembrance” boats with a lighted candle in the big pond to remember those who have died in the last year(s).

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